Quantum Weirdness

From: Norman Samish <ncsamish.domain.name.hidden>
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 12:00:00 -0700

A while back Peter Jones and Brent Meeker independently pointed out the illogicality of my non-acceptance of both MWI AND "wave-collapse" as explanations of "quantum weirdness." They seemed to say that the explanation had to be one or the other. Now I've read what Colin Hales has to say. I find his statements express the reservations I feel.

He writes (slightly paraphrased), ". . . a mathematical model (quantum mechanics) that seems to imply multiple universes does not mean that they exist. . . Only that the model makes it look like they do. I can imagine any number of situations where the fuzziness of the ultra-scale world obeys the rules of a QM-like model. For example, the perfectly deterministically repeated trajectory of whatever an electron is made of through 35.4 spatial dimensions is going to look awfully fuzzy to critters observing it as . . . three dimensions. QM depicts fuzziness... and 'aha' the universe is made of QM? Not so. It merely appears to obey the abstraction QM provides us.

"QM says nothing about what the universe is actually constructed of. It is not constructed of quantum mechanics! It is constructed of something that behaves quantum mechanically."

Thank you, Colin Hales. I believe your remarks apply to any theory. Theories are descriptions of what we think reality may be - they are not reality.

Norman Samish

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