Re: I'm an empiricist!

From: 1Z <>
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2006 05:06:13 -0700

Bruno Marchal wrote:

> OK. I am saying that "fundamental truth (including the origin of the
> "universe")" is in our head (like mystics). But then I make this
> precise with comp: grosso modo, I am saying that "fundamental truth is
> in the head of any self-referentially correct machine (also called
> Lobian machine)".
> I explain (through the UD Argument) why physics is there too.
> I explain (through the interview of the lobian machine) how to extract
> physics from the "head of a machine".
> But I conclude from this only that comp is testable: extract physics
> from the head of the machine and then compare with empirical physics.
> If nature contradicts the comp theory, I would abandon the comp theory,
> I would not conclude that nature is faulty, just that nature gives
> evidence that comp is wrong.

What the non-existence of HP universes falsisfies is Platonism,
not computationalism. It is entirely possible that in a single
material universe, cognition is computation.

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