Re: Interested in thoughts on this excerpt from Martin Rees

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 11:03:48 +0200

Le 08-août-06, à 10:10, Quentin Anciaux a écrit :

> Le Mardi 8 Août 2006 08:00, W. C. a écrit :
>> Can you tell me why?
> Because you are bad faith and don't read correctly what others tell
> you.
> If you have some more stupid questions like this, don't hesitate and go
> continue polluting the mailing list.

Hi Quentin,

Take it easy. Perhaps you are just quicker than me, but up to now I
would say W. C. has some *genuine* misunderstanding, perhaps shared by
other people too who are too shy to send a post (I know some).
Apparently W. C. does not believe in comp (he said he does not believe
in the existence of a substitution level), nor does he believe in the
QM-MWI (he said he read the FOR book a long time ago and that he has
not been convinced).
This makes him (or her?) quite coherent. W. C. seems to defend
Naturalism, but the fact that he/she follows the list shows that he/she
is at least open to some doubt and that he/she has some open-mindness.
I have met bad faith people in comparison with which W. C. is still
quite reasonable, imo. Conversation with him or her can help to
understand difficulties.
Nevertheless, there is one important point in one of his/her recent
message where he/she is deadly wrong, and that is the subject of my
next message.



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