RE: Interested in thoughts on this excerpt from Martin Rees

From: W. C. <>
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 21:52:40 +0800

>From: Bruno Marchal
>Comp says that there is a level of description of yourself such that you
>survive through an emulation done at that level. But the UD will simulate
>not only that level but all level belows. So comp makes the following
>prediction: if you look at yourself or at you neighborhood sufficiently
>close enough, you can in principle detect, indirectly, (by computing the
>relative comp histories) the presence of all the sublevel computations.

Are you talking about meditation?
I still can't see how "matter" is the result of a sum on an infinity of
interfering computations".
Common people can touch and feel the matter (this physical universe). They
don't need this strange process to see it.
Your explanation is rather strange.
As said before, I don't think substitution level exists. So Comp. and UDA
won't work here.

>So it is enough to observe closely your neighborhood. But of course
>experimental physicists does exactly that, and the fact that they infer
>Many-Worlds (many Histories/many computations) from their observations can
>be seen retrospectively as a confirmation of comp.
>(This explains that up to now, only people with a good grasp of the
>conceptual difficulties of the quantum theory can swallow the consequences
>of comp, more or less).

I think many good physicist won't agree with you.

>To be sure "negative interferences" remains quite astonishing (after such
>an informal reasoning), but then if you take into account the results in
>computer science and mathematical logic, there are evidence that "negative
>interference" appears as related to some variant of the incompleteness
>phenomena. This is somehow counter-intuitive and hard to justify in
>"french". More in a summary which should come asap. I hope this already

Please provide more explanation.



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