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From: Brent Meeker <>
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2006 14:16:28 -0700

John M wrote:
> Stathis:
> "I know that whatever theory I come up with will almost certainly be proved
> wrong given enough
> time, so I won't bother coming up with a theory at all."
> Funny that you of all people come up with such a supposition so different
> from fundamental basic human nature!
> We all hope to be smarter than , And speculate.
> Even those "scientists" you refer to.
> "Evidence"? that is what I scrutinize. It is subject to the level of our
> ongoing epistemic enrichment and without later findings one settles with
> insufficient ones that become soon obsolete.
> I was challenged to propose technical levels 50 years ahead. It is
> impossible. I rather try to compose "what and why" of our present
> technological and theoretical status could we NOT imagine 60 years
> is entertaining.
> Man is optimist. Even myself with a cynical pessimism.
> John M

Many years ago my dissertation advisor was working a science fiction story
in which some men were sent to a planet of Alpha Centauri during the late
1800's by some kind of gun/rocket. They return in 1970. Their stories are
of course great fodder for the newspapers - but their reports about the
planet are scientifically worthless because they haven't asked the right
questions, didn't have the right instruments, and didn't know the current
science. Much of what they claim to have discovered about the planet is
already known to be wrong based on data from a huge orbiting telescope
(anticipating Hubble) that has been used to observe the planet.

Brent Meeker

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