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From: Christopher Maloney <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 07:35:46 -0400

Higgo James wrote:
> Thanks for this nice summary, Chris. I am still getting that 'red herring
> feeling', though. The only thing we can ever know about consciousness is
> what it feels like. If you try to define it in some precise way, then the
> connection between the newly-defined word, 'consciousness' and what we
> actually know consciousness to be, evaporates.

Tell me if this is correct, it sounds like you're saying:
  - consciousness is computational
  - computations can be instantiated by physical structures
  - it doesn't matter, because of computational indeterminism - that is,
    any particular consious entity will be independent of any physical

If so, I agree.

Chris Maloney
"Knowledge is good"
-- Emil Faber
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