RE: Cardinality of the MW

From: Gilles HENRI <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 14:51:57 +0200

>A breath of fresh air, Gilles. As I just wrote to Chris:
>I believe that the idea of 'which me I am' is a red herring. Everything is
>subjective, and can only be seen by an observer with a partial view of the
>whole of reality. What the observer sees is determined by the partialness of
>his view. So 'galaxies' are also an emergent phenomenon. The idea of two of
>'you' makes even less sense that one of 'you'. And two of 'you' separated
>by galaxies makes no sense at all. You are in the eye of the beholder, who
>can choose to see you 'here' or 'here' or wherever.

James, we totally agree, at least on this!
For me the most irritating problem is what makes us "see" this partial view
of reality, I mean what bounds this view. What forbids to perceive multiple
realities in the conscious process ? It means that somehow the existence of
consciousness is linked to macroscopic, quasi classical states, but these
states have no precise definition, because they all allow some "quantum
fuzziness". So it very hard to link a precise conscious state to a precise
physical state, but it is also hard to quantify how fuzzy our physical
state can be...

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