Erratum Solovay

From: Marchal <>
Date: Mon Jul 12 08:18:16 1999

Hi Romanos, Hi many worlders

Sorry for my distraction in my last post,
but Solovay's theorem has been
proved in 1976, not 1985.

The full reference of the mentionned Solovay's paper

Solovay, R.M., Provability Interpretation of Modal Logic, Israel
Journal of Mathematics, 25, pp. 287-304, 1976.

The clearest pedagogical proof of Solovay's theorems are in

Boolos, G., The Logic of Provability, Cambridge University Press, 1993.

I will not insist to much on such kind of stuff before we engage ourself
more seriously on the "godelian" path toward the mind/matter problem (if
ever ?).
There are too much conceptual and Godel-independant issues to tackle

A+ Bruno
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