Re: Interpretations, subjectivity

From: SLP <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 19:44:14 -0500

Christopher Maloney wrote:
> Higgo James wrote:
> >
> > I think almost everyone on this list would disagree wit the statement,
> > "Passing the Turing Test is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a
> > consciousness". The idea that a machine that passes the test could be
> > outwitted by another conscious entity simply displays lack of knowledge of
> > the definition of the Turing test.
> Yes, whenever I hear anyone talk about "Zombies", I reach for
> my gun.
> (paraphrasing Stephen Hawking.)

Two questions:

Since we don't understand the physical or computational basis of
consciousness, how can the existence of "zombies" be denied a priori?

How does raising the possibility of zombies show lack of knowledge of
the definition of the Turing test? The Turing test, ultimately, is
"judged" not on the basis of objective, enumerable criteria, but by the
mere subjective opinion of fallible humans.

Steve Price, MD
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