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OK Jacques (M Mallah). I will try to make my point clearer.
I appreciate your implementation concern.
If you were not so much unclear on the immortality issue
I would guess that "our" computationnalism are very close...
You have still not found an error in may PE-omega argument
for comp-immortality, and we are still not agreeing where
exactly we disagree, isn't it ?

You should know I am humbly trying to understand your point.

>>BM: your implementation problem is necessarily insoluble ...
>JMM: But this you have failed to show or even present a case for.

You are right. Just be patient. I will try to be clearer next time.
This follows also from the PE-omega experiment + Occam Razor,
or just the *crackpot proof*.

Oh ! It could help me if you answer the following question:
Suppose you are right and you solve the implementation
problem (in your sense).
So you get a correctly implemented computer. This one is still
emulable by a Turing Machine, correctly programmed, OK ?

The running of that Turing machine will, if I understand you,
be responsible for the presence of consciousness. OK ?

What will happen, in this case, if a part of the machine doesn't
work, and if an accidental bunch of cosmic rays, supplies to the
non-functionning during some time. Will there still be
consciousness during that time ?

Have a nice week-end,


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>On 3 xxx -1, Marchal wrote:
>> Nevertheless I am not quite sure we have the *same kind* of
>> implementation problem.
>> Roughly speaking you try to find criteria for linking consciousness to
>> physical instantiation of computations.
> Not so. I try to find criteria for linking computations to
>mathematical structures, e.g. a physical world or another computation.
>> What I say, is that if we take the computationalist hypothesis seriously
>> then
>> - 1) your implementation problem is necessarily insoluble ...
> But this you have failed to show or even present a case for.
>> We should explain for exemple, why there is no appearance of white flying
>> rabbits ...
> Which I think would require solving the (my) implementation
>problem in any case.
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