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Euan squires was certainly aware of this, and the quantum theory of
immortality, in 1986:

"It is probably fair to say that much of the 'unease' that most of us feel
with the Everett interpretation comes from our belief, which we hold without
any evidence, that
our future will be unique. What I will be like at a later time may not be
predetermined or calculable (even if the initial information were
available), but at least I will still
be one 'I'. The many-worlds interpretation denies this. For an example to
illustrate this lack of uniqueness ( some world say rather to show how silly
it is) we might
return to the [double slit] experiment and suppose that the right-hand
detector is attached to a gun which shoots, and kills, me if it records a
particle. Then after one
particle had passed through the experiment, the wavefunction would contain a
piece with me alive and a pieve with me dead. One 'I' would certainly be
alive, so we
appear to have a sort of Russian roulette, in which we cannot really lose!
Indeed, since all 'aging' or 'decaying' processes are presumably quantum
mechanical in nature,
there is always a small part of the wavefunction in which they will not have
occurred. Thus, to be completely fanciful, immortality is guaranteed - I
will always be alive
in the only part of the wavefunction of which I am aware!"

- Euan Squires, The Mystery of the Quantum World, Institute of Physics
Publishing, 1986.

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