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> > Nope. Causality is easy to incorporate into a one universe model.
> > Any initial value problem obviously has causality.
> Please define what you mean by causality, or in other words what you
> mean when you say that A causes B.

        If A then B. In the context of an initial value problem it is not
difficult. (It's another question if it's not one, but QM as we know it
is. Quantum gravity might be more interesting, but I'm sure there will be
a way to do it.)
        If A happens, then B must happen, according the laws of physics.
In other words, if you are given the laws of physics but not the initial
conditions, and that is not enough information to know if B happenned, but
if you are also given the fact that A happenned, then you know that B
happenned, then A causes B.

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