Re: Craziness of a quantum suicidal

From: Russell Standish <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 10:37:22 +1000 (EST)

> GSLevy wrote
> > [...]
> >Ultimately no one is a looser because everyone survives.
> > [...]
> The candidate for QS should know that QS and indeed any
> form of violent death is highly risky. Quantum immortality
> makes hell possible. Hell = a very big pain during a very
> long time.

I agree that QTI seems to imply both heaven and hell are in the here
and now, and which version of eternity you experience depends on how
you conduct you life (maybe Christians have got it half right!).

> QTI justifies a "death" as smooth as possible. It is natural
> to think that, in a society where Quantum (or comp) immortality
> will be believed by the general public (if ever), euthanasia
> will be the rule (after all, [cf Russell Standish]).

Except that I think I was implying the opposite conclusion (Euthanasia
is a form of torture).

> People will realise that torture, crime (etc.) are much more
> frightening and grave (if that is possible) for it could never
> ends.

I wonder if this will increase or decrease the effectiveness of torture?

> Shakespeare's Hamlet decided not to kill himself when he
> realises that he could awake himself in a more frightfull
> nightmare. He concludes:
> "conscience makes us coward"

nice literary allusion for the QS conundrum

> Generally, we fear death. With evidences for immortality, we will fear
> death much more ... I think.
> May be the winner, in the long run, will be the one who succeed to die,
> like in some Hindouist of Boudhist school of thinking.

Actually, I privately speculated on this meaning of Nirvana
myself. Maybe the Bhuddists are right after all ;)

> I would be glad to be wrong, and I apologize for these rather *black
> ideas*
> Bruno

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