Re: The arrow of time

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Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 22:18:17 EDT

Reading this at first, I thought I was becoming dislexic.

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<< At the beginning, when he is nearer from the Big Bang than from what
 appears to him as the Big Crunch, time appears to flow in one direction,
 from what he calls past to what he calls future. Then he begins to perceive
 of inversion time some phenomenes. We perhaps already perceive a few
 phenomenes of this kind, for example divination which could be memory of
 future. He could also observe inversions between perceptions and actions,
 then will become more and more these phenomenes frequents, and in
 progressively he the zone will enter where will seem stagnation temporal the
 symmetrical time him. sense normal the being like perceive will he what in
 flowing but inversed not him seems time, Crunch Big the like perceives he
 what than Bang Big the like perceives he what from nearer is he when,
 beginning the At. >>
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