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I wrote an article on pensions and QTI a while back. I had lunch with Frank
Field, the UK's minister in charge of pension reform and then sent it to
him. For some reason he never got back to me. Check out

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> Subject: Real Decisions based on QTI
> I have posted a number of times the concept that any suicide
> experiment is likely to fail in ways completely unintended by the
> experimenter, and therefore have negative consequences for the
> experimenter. Admittedly, Chris Maloney's post sounded like he had all
> the bases covered, but Murphy's law is awfully powerful.
> However, I thought I'd report on how QTI has influenced me on a couple
> of items recently. The first was in making a decision whether to stay
> with my present superannuation scheme (which provides for a pension
> for life, based on one's salary at retirement) and having the funds
> invested in conventional shares and bonds, a possibly risky
> strategy. With QTI, the life-long pension sounds like a good deal, and
> is what I eventually chose, for that reason. However, I fully realise
> that with QTI, I am likely to outlive the pension fund, or inflation
> will so erode its value, that perhaps the decision is not so
> clear-cut.
> The second issue is in relation to euthanasia. I used to be in favour
> of this, on the basis that I grew up on a farm, and understood the
> phrase "putting it out of its misery". However, the process of
> attempting to kill someone is only likely to increase their suffering
> in those worlds where they survive. So now I'm against euthanasia, at
> least until someone can convince me they can control the outcome of
> the "merciful death" well enough to ensure that the patient is almost
> always in a better world because of it.
> On the same vein, it would take a lot of convincing to get me to ge
> through one of Bruno Marchal's teleportation devices.
> On that cheery note,...
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