Re: QTI, SSI (fwd)

From: Marchal <>
Date: Wed May 19 03:48:35 1999

Russell writes:

>> I would like to add this "exercice": Show that for any running program
>> there is aleph-one never stopping possible continuations and only aleph-
>> zero possible stopping continuations. That is why immortality is more
>> probable than mortality.
>> Bruno.
>You seem to be implying that death states are of measure zero compared
>with living states. Experience would contradict this.

I am not sure I understand why.

>Maybe your
>exercise disproves equivalence between computational processes and

It could be a way to put it. Indeed, I tend to
believe that consciousness is linked
to *big sets* of computationnal processes.
There is aleph-one infinite possible computationnal histories.
There is "only" aleph-zero finite possible computationnal histories.

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