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I mean from the Deutsch MWI point of view, snapshot universes are related by
time: copies of what you may or may not call 'you' are littered throughout
the multiverse and related only by time connections. Snapshots are, if you
like, one planck-time 'wide'. On the second point, if there is no self, the
what exactly do you make of Descartes, Liebnitz, Kant et al?

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> On Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Higgo James wrote:
> > Does your 'self' carry over from one planck-time to the next?
> > I don't think so
> I don't see how the plank time has any relation whatsoever to the
> question. If you mean just mean that the concept of identity, as anything
> over and above specifying which computation is referred to, is not
> fundamental or needed for computationalism, say so and that would be fine.
> > and that voids all western philosophy.
> Of course you had to go and say a silly thing like that, once
> again tempting me to use inappropriate language.
> Obviously your statement is false on its face. So to give you a
> slight benefit of the doubt, I'll ask you to rephrase that. Perhaps some
> of the philosophy you mean refers to the individual?
> It may help you to remember that Newtonian physics is wrong but
> that it is more useful than ever. 'Particles' don't have well defined
> paths, but we still need to calculate 'classical paths' for many objects.
> It may also help to remember that the MWI, computationalism,
> decision theory, Bayesian reasoning, and democratic values all came from
> Western philosophy.
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