RE: consciousness based on information or computation?

From: Marchal <>
Date: Sun Feb 28 05:44:00 1999

> James Higgo wrote :
>The anaogue is the wave in the sea: The wave thinks itself conscious and a
>person, and screams with horror as it sees its fate is to be annihilated by
>crashing onto the rocks. It does not understand that it is a part of
>something bigger and more permanent.

Once upon a time there was a little wave, thinking itself conscious and a
person, screaming (indeed) with horror as it sees its fate is to be
annilated by crashing onto the rocks.
Fortunately the little wave was reading the everything list and learn,
that some Everett & Co. discover there were actualy an infinity of oceans
and that thanks to some tunneling effect she will survive crashing the
rocks in some of theses oceans.
She will survive ! With lots of his favorite memories (of love and
chocolate for instance).

... And now, you (the same you who send a memorable mail on immortality
through MWI), ask the little wave to be happy of the permanence of her
apparent stuffy ocean ?!?!?

... Well, in any case, if "the" ocean is "conscious", I still don't see
why he should not be considered as a (kind of) person.

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