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On Fri, 22 Jan 1999 wrote:
> Jacques Mallah, we don't care about our measure, we only
> care if we should buy a tontine in the knowledge that we will
> benefit from it in 100, 1000, 10'1000 years. We know that in
> some branches we will, but we don't know if we will experience
> a smooth flow of consciousness which will inevitably mean we
> awake one morning to find ourselves 1000 years old.
> Obviously we don't intend to try to commit suicide (at least until
> this issue is resolved).

        I see. You think that if you are killed, your consciousness would
magically jump into the other parts of the universe where you-like beings
continue to exist. That's what your 'smooth flow of consciousness"
amounts to.
        Well, if that were true, then the amount of 'you' in the universe
would not really decrease. Your measure would by definition be conserved
as a function of time, but would become more concentrated in the
survivors. But of course there is absolutely no reason to think that;
it's nothing more than your version of religion.
        Logic says that since copies are independent, your measure would
be proportional to the number of surving copies and would decrease.
        The fact that you are still saying you don't care about measure,
indicates to me that you still don't understand the concept. Perhaps
Darwin has more work to do.

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