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Hi James,

>Interesting concept concerning the infnitely small. How about the more
>orthodox idea that the brain is a quantum computer (running things like
>Shor's and Grover's algorithms), relying on an infinite number of parallel

It's another interesting idea.
There is an infinite number of physical theories which are compatible with
our perceptions, so we can consider that our consciousness supervenes on all
these theories and that we exist in an infinite number of corresponding
parallel universes. But in some circonstances the difference may become
Metaphysical reflections
<> -
Ramification of universes bundles
We will now examine the consequences of this hypothesis of mathematical
universes <> trying
to answer to some questions at the light of this hypothesis.
According to this hypothesis, the existence of an infinity of infinite
mathematical models would then imply the existence of an infinity of
parallel universes. We can suppose that, among this infinity, a part of
models and corresponding universes are sufficiently near so that the
difference is not perceptible. We could then say that we exist in all of
these universes. But it is possible (by "butterfly effect") that at a later
time, the differences become perceptible. A "ramification" of this "bundle"
of universes would then happen, like in the many worlds hypothesis
<> proposed to
explain the wave function collapse in quantum physics. According to this
hypothesis, if the position of some particle is described probabilistically
by a wave function, and if we make an observation which gives a precize
position, collapsing the wave function, a "ramification" of the universe
would happen, and the particle would have different positions in the
different universes resulting from this ramification. According to the
theory of the ramification of universes bundles, the universes would be in
fact already virtually separated before the observation, but this separation
would become perceptible only after. This also agrees with some theories
according to which the apparent non-determinism of quantum physics would be
caused by the fact that this theory does not describe the ultimate reality
but is only an approximation, and then there would always remain a
non-determination that we could eliminate with a more precize theory, but
which would be still an approximation, and so on indefinitely.
The ramification of universes bundles brings a new lighting on spirit
non-determinism, perception and free will.
The ramification of universes bundles also permits to explain very simply
<> the principle
of formative causality
<> without use
of a propagating morphic field.

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