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From: Gilles HENRI <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 10:38:55 +0100

À (At) 21:59 -0800 13/01/99, écrivait (wrote) :
>Steve Price, MD, <>, writes:
>> The decisons you make are already "pre-programmed." All things "happen"
>> with "predetemined" measures and it is quite naive to think that you can
>> change those measures. As Jacqus Mallah has said repeatedly, your
>> decisons simply are the laws of physics in action.
>> Everythng that is, was, or will be is contained in the universal wave
>> function. No one can change that. Even the notion of things
>> "happening" in time, in a sense, is a illusion. The Wheeler-DeWitt
>> equation is timeless. What is, is. Period.

À (At) 19:06 +0000 13/01/99, Jacques Bailhache écrivait (wrote) :

> If we considef that the laws of physics are not totally
>deterministic and that
> a place remains for free will, we could conceive that this free will
>could act
> on both directions of time.

Does everybody agree that these two positions are mutually incompatible and
that there cannot exist any theory satisfying both of them? It is of course
a fundamental issue that happens in any theory of Universe, independently
of MWI.

À (At) 21:59 -0800 13/01/99, écrivait (wrote) :
>When I speak of "choosing" to maximize the measure of good outcomes,
>you can, if you like, think of my activities as the working out of an
>incredibly complicated deterministic mechanism. But the latter view
>doesn't have any relevance to me as I make my decisions.

except that you don't really choose your decisions...Another issue is that
the notion of "good" is not universal but depends on your own subjective
perception of reality. The best way to be sure to make the good decisions
is to decide that all what happens is good (see Leibniz).

> But there could be a possibility of choice if there are several
>potential trees (with different proportions associated to the branches, or
>even a different structure of the ramifications) and if we can chose one
>tree which becomes real.

Jacques, if you can choose the tree or anything else in your future, I
engage you to bet in a quantum roulette that measures randomly the spin of
an electron...

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