RE: Decision theory

From: Jacques Bailhache <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 09:43:29 -0000

James Higgo wrote :
>An MWI-er wants to end up in a 'good' universe, however defined, so will
>to maximise the proportion of 'good' universes - see Deutsch.

>I don't see why MWI should cause you to behave any differently to a
>person who expects a single universe to change with time according to
>various probabilistic laws. You jus want there to be more 'good' universes
>thatn 'bad' ones. You ride your bicycle with care because you want there to
>be a higher proportion of universes in which you have not been run over or
>dorpped your shopping.

The problem is : can we chose the proportion of universes in which we
decide to act in a certain way (for example to ride with care) ? Or is this
proportion determinated by the laws of physics which rule the molecules
of our neurons ?

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