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... or milimetres through your neck. Yes, this is a problem. We could spend
eternity paralysed and pretty miserable. In fact, we do in some universes.
But in quite a few - those in which technology continues to develop, i.e. no
WWIII - we could download ourselves onto a more robust platform.

I agree that there is no reason why there would be a branch in which you are
certain to die; it is more likely that in all branches you are certain not

Revised Quantum Theory of Immortality (very basic stuff) attached:

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> It seems to me that the Tegmark suicide experiment is approached
> rather idealistically. It is quite possible to survive a gunshot wound
> to the head. The most likely outcome the researcher performing the
> Tegmark suicide experiment would experience is a few clicks, followed
> by a bang, then waking up in a hospital with half her brains blown
> out!
> I certainly take the proposition that one can never experience one's
> own death seriously. My question is whether there are any dead-end
> paths in the multiverse - ie is it possible for one to experience a
> situation where it is 100% certain that you will die. I haven't been
> able to think of one - even if you are on the gullotine with the blade
> dropping - it is still possible for the blade to jam just millimetres
> from your neck!
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