Re: What's the status of this list?

From: Wei Dai <>
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 16:02:52 -0800

Welcome to the everything list. It has been quiet for several months. It
only had a dozen or so subscribers when it was more active (from Jan to
July of this year), but now it has about 30. (I don't know what happened,
was the list invitation forwarded to some other forum?)

You can retrieve or search the archive of the mailing list by sending
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available are:

get filename ...
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ls latest
get latest/12
egrep some.word latest/*

Looking forward to your post.

On Fri, Nov 13, 1998 at 04:12:44PM -0500, Jacques M. Mallah wrote:
> Hello. As a new subscriber to the list, I would like to know what
> kind of discussions have occurred and how many people are involved.
> Thanks.
> I would also like to say that I invented the 'everything'
> hypothesis three years before Max Tegmark. Hey, I can't document it, but
> I'm not asking for any money :-) So why didn't I publicize it? In those
> days, I didn't have a home page; more importantly, I decided it was wrong.
> Unfortunately, I still think so. I'll tell you why I decided it has
> problems in my next letter. Yes, I have read Pr. Tegmark's paper, and no,
> I don't doubt the many worlds interpretation of QM or the anthropic
> principle.
> - - - - - - -
> Jacques Mallah (
> Graduate Student / Many Worlder / Devil's Advocate
> "I know what no one else knows" - 'Runaway Train', Soul Asylum
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