Re: many worlds interpretation

From: Damien Broderick <>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 00:35:05 +0000

At 07:01 PM 2/24/98 +1000, Mitch wrote:
> I *think* that David Deutsch
>in his book (_The Fabric of Reality_) hints that what happens here
>(in this universe) receives some causal contribution from the universes
>next door, but he doesn't spell out how this works.

He doesn't just *hint*, it's the corner-stone of his demonstration, using
the flashlight beam example, of the ubiquity and explanatory necessity of
impacts from adjacent worlds. In my ignorance I couldn't see any passage
that spelled out how this worked (apart from vague poetic references to
interference-fringe-creating`shadow light'), but presumably it's to be
found in his formal papers.

Damien Broderick
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